Campus Operations

Campus Operations (OPS) at Sacramento City College promotes student access and success through the delivery of responsive and effective facility support.

OPS is aligned with Sacramento City College’s Mission, Vision, and Values by providing clean, high-quality facilities, ready for use each day. OPS further provides a variety of services to the campus community such as internal and external event coordination, safety and regulatory programs, waste programs, reprographics, transportation, building access, custodial services, general building maintenance, and renovation of facilities.

When to Call Operations (916-558-2543)

If there is an emergency please call Los Rios Police Department at 916-558-2221.

  • Plumbing issues such as clogged drains, toilets or any leaks
  • Door and lock issues
  • Elevator malfunctions
  • Lighting issues
  • Odors such as gas, burning or chemical
  • Power loss
  • Temperature check
  • Repairs that could pose a hazard or impact property
  • Clean ups such as spills, broken glass or graffiti
  • Restock of restroom supplies
  • Scheduled Unlocks
  • Questions or concerns? Give us a call!


Below you’ll find information on, Facilities and Event Planning, Reprographic needs and general information.

  • Interior shot of the Performing Arts Center auditorium

    Event Reservations

    Facilities at Sacramento City College are available for use by, faculty, staff and students for College-related internal functions and events.

  • Operational Information

    Operational Information

    A list of policies, information and procedures.

  • Reprographics


    Printing,  web design, multi-color offset printing, and color laser printing.  We also provide Duplicating Services for Black and white digital copies, and in-house mail distribution.

  • Transportation Information

    Transportation Information

    Campus Operations maintains and oversees authorized drivers for District vehicles, utility carts as well as scheduling bus trips for class related activities.