Facility Use for Outside Organizations

Founded in 1916 as a department of Sacramento High School, Sacramento City College is the seventh oldest public community college in California and the oldest institution of higher learning in Sacramento. With the main campus located in the heart of Sacramento, the college enrolls a diverse community of nearly 22,000 students and offers multicultural activities throughout the academic year.

  • Interior shot of the Performing Arts Center auditorium
    Performing Arts Center

From the state of the art Performing Arts Center, conference rooms, numerous classrooms and the iconic Hughes Stadium, Sacramento City College also provides use of our facilities to the community. Throughout the campus, well-recognized architectural features such as archways, columns, and brick have been preserved through renovations to maintain the collegiate and prestigious look and feel.

Renting our Facilities

There are three requirements necessary for renting our facilities:

  • Approved and signed Facility Use Permit
  • Certificate of Insurance naming Los Rios Community College District as additionally insured with endorsement page.
  • Payment of fees – at least ten (10) days prior to event

Your event is not confirmed until all of these requirements are met.

At least 30 days prior to requested date of use is required for processing

Administration fee for all late requests $50/day minimum

LRCCD Policy R-1411

Facility Rental Application

Frequently Asked Questions

Sacramento City College Rental fees are guided by the Los Rios Community College District (Board Regulations R-1411). Fees are subject to change depending on specific needs of the event, set up, technicians, supervision, etc. Because of the specific information we need from you, we require the completion of our application as a first step so we have all the information necessary to put together an initial estimate.

Sacramento City College and/or the Los Rios Community College District does not co-sponsor.

While being sensitive to your event deadlines for preparations, advertisements and planning, Sacramento City College is an educational facility and our credit classes and campus events are priority. We need to check several schedules and clear availability with different departments to ensure the requested facility is free of any other activities. Due to this process, we require at least (30) business days for processing. Requests received less than thirty (30) business days prior will be charged an administration fee of $50/day minimum.

Due to credit classes, sports practices and other campus events we will need to schedule an appointment for tours of any facility. Please contact Campus Operations at 916-558-2543 to coordinate a time to visit our campus.