Whether you need keys, alarm codes, or any other access, including removing bollards for approved entry, this section will assist you in obtaining that information.

Alarm Access

There are many rooms across campus and at the outreach centers, that have intrusion alarms. These rooms will require an alarm code to de-activate the alarm for entry.  Typically, the code will be the last four digits of the user’s social security number.  For Imron card access, the card will both unlock the doors and turn off the alarm, so no “keying in” is required.

Alarm access MUST come through the user’s division office and must be made confidentially.  These requests are called in or submitted in a sealed envelope, preferably hand-carried to Operations.  Once the request has been received, Operations will enter them into the alarm system.

When a user no longer requires access, the division office will need to contact Operations to de-activate their alarm code.

All Temporary, Substitute, and Adjunct employee alarm codes will be de-activated two weeks after the end of the semester unless otherwise requested.


There are moveable bollards located around the campus.  If you have a valid need for these to be temporarily removed, contact Operations and we will move them for you.  Valid reasons include 1) large deliveries, and 2) work by an outside vendor that requires access to the vendor vehicle.  If your request is part of an event or facilities use, you will need to coordinate that with the Facilities Department during the scheduling of the use.

Cabinet And Desk Keys

If you find you have a file cabinet or a desk that has a lock, but no key, we may be able to help.  You will need to look on the face of the lock to see if there is a number.  If there is, call us at 916-558-2543 and we will see if we have a copy of that key.  If we do, we can usually provide a copy.  If there is no number and there is no key, we can remove the lock, and possibly rekey it.  You’ll need to submit a work order through the division office to accomplish this.

Door Unlocks

If you leave your keys at home or lock them in your office, you will need to come by the Operations Division office for a loan set, during regular business hours.  (See the Operations Division Main page for days/hours.)  You may keep this for the day, returning them to Operations at the end of your work day.   If Operations is closed, please contact the Campus Police for access.

If you are assigned a room and have yet to receive the key to unlock it, you should call Operations at 916-558-2543 and we will have the door unlocked.


Imron access is card access and provides the ability to both open the door and turn off the alarm at the same time.  Imron cards are requested via a “Key Request Form”, (see “Keys” below).  Imron also provides the ability to track users and is used to identify a security issue.  The Imron card closely resembles the Los Rios Employee Identification Card with one exception:  the back of the card is mostly blank.  Although Operations is the approval office for the request of Imron cards, the Campus Police Office is the group that issues the cards.  They will contact you when the card is ready.  Be aware that a photo may need to be taken.  Contact: Louisa Melo, 916-558-2543.


Whenever you are assigned a room for a semester or longer, please contact your division office to submit an Access Request Form on your behalf.  They will send the form to Operations, and we will provide the key and contact you when it is ready.  When you no longer need the key, please be sure to return it to Operations.

If you lose a key or it is stolen, the same form and procedure is used, please have your division office note that the key has been lost or stolen.

Please be sure to review your keys regularly for any returns.  For instance, if you were previously assigned a room, but are not assigned it for the current semester, please return the key.


A Locknetics key is a small black fob that uses magnetic activation.  These locks are found primarily on the Learning Resource Center and Technology building outside doors.  The “Access Request Form” is also used to request these keys and the procedure is the same.  Like Imron cards, these keys have a tracking mechanism so the last 100 users can be tracked.  This is used to assist in identification should there be a security issue.