Operations Policies, Procedures and Forms

Below is a list of policies, procedures and forms for Operations.

A-Frame Procedures

A-Frames may be used by campus divisions and departments.  These frames are issued through Operations following the instructions below:

  • Users must request the A-Frames at least 5 days in advance.
  • Users must complete the A-Frame Agreement and have it signed by the appropriate administrator PRIOR to picking up the frames.
  • Ops. staff will assign the A-Frames (users will not pick out their own), and will record the numbers.
  • The User will verify the numbers and sign the form prior to removing them from the Ops. area.
  • If the frames are to be returned after Operations has closed, it is incumbent upon the User to make sure they are secured, as they are responsible for the frames until the return can be confirmed by Operations.
  • Upon return, Operations will verify the numbers returned with the User.
  • Missing frames will be charged to the User – no exceptions.
  • Posting Regulations (LRCCD R-1313, 4.0) will be followed at all times.


Nearly every office has a copier and the maintenance and use of these is important.  If you have a copier with a maintenance agreement, you will need to do a purchase order for that maintenance.  However, if you have an institutional copier, Operations will generate purchase orders for the maintenance of those copiers.  If you’re not sure if you are under the institutional account, please contact Louisa at 916-558-2543.

For toner for institutional copiers you should call the number on the copier repair company sticker on the front of your machine.  The charge for these comes out of the purchase order Operations generates.  If you do not have an institutional copier you will need to work this through your division.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Campus Maintenance encompasses a myriad of services.  To provide information on the most frequently asked about items, we provide the following information on clocks, pencil sharpeners, carpeting, painting, plumbing issues, roof leaks, and specialty cleaning (chairs, etc.)


If you would like to have your carpet cleaned, repaired, or replaced, you will need to submit a work order.  See “Work Order” for instructions on completing this form.


All classrooms, labs, gathering areas, and large office areas should have a clock.  Individual offices are not provided clocks by the campus.  If the clock is not operating or the time is incorrect, call Operations for corrections.


We will provide nameplates for all full-time permanent instructors, supervisors, and deans/managers.  The nameplates are a silver arched frame with a removable front for instructors and a black arched frame for supervisors and deans/managers.  You will need to submit a work order to request a nameplate.


The Facilities Management Division does all of the campus painting.  If you would like an area painted, submit a work order.  See “Work Order” for instructions on completing this form. At no time should any employee or student paint any room.

Pencil Sharpeners

All classrooms and labs should have a pencil sharpener installed.  If there is a problem with the sharpener, please call or email us for repair or replacement.


If you know of a toilet, sink, or water fountain that’s plugged, one that doesn’t operate, or one that is overflowing, please contact Operations right away and we will send someone out to address this.


For minor repairs that are not an emergency, please submit a work order.  If the repair that is required could cause an injury or impact property, please call Operations right away.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are considered an emergency and should be called in as soon as they are noticed.  We will send someone out to check the leak and to address clean up.


If you find you need a sign made, please submit a work order with details on wording.

Specialty Cleaning

If you have a chair you need cleaned, submit a work order.  See “Work Order” for instructions on completing this form.  If a chalkboard or markerboard is not being  properly cleaned, please call Operations.

Contact: Campus Operations: 916-558-2543

Property Loss/Damage Reports

Property Loss/Damage (PLD) forms are completed when district property is stolen, vandalized, or damaged.  This damage can occur by natural causes or by a person.  The form is filled out, submitted through the Operations Division, then forwarded to the District Office for their review.  This form then generates the reimbursement process, if approved.

If a PLD is approved for reimbursement, please be sure to submit all invoices and supporting documents to Operations so they may be forwarded to the appropriate parties at the District Office.

Declaration of Surplus

If you require furniture or equipment removal from your area please complete the Declaration of Surplus form and submit it to your division dean or supervisor.  They will sign the form and forward it to Ops.

Our Custodial Department will arrange for pick-up and take it away.

A few things to remember:

  • Use common descriptions.
  • Be sure to list the Model Number, Serial Number and LRCCD Asset Tag Number.  If the piece of equipment doesn’t have one or any of these, please put “N/A”.
  • Location of the equipment or furniture is essential.
  • Without the appropriate signatures, it will not be processed and will likely be returned.

If you have any questions, please contact Operations at 916-558-2543.

Record Storage and/or Shredding

Much of the paperwork we handle is confidential in nature or requires that we keep it for a specific number of years.  This applies to student records, employee records, and purchases, to some degree.

When there is no longer a need to hold these records in your area, it may be time to have them stored or shredded.  In order to accomplish this, you will need to submit a work order and the inventory form.  These must be submitted together.  You will also need to make sure the box has the appropriate end panel.  The directions, the inventory form, and the box end panel are all online under “Records Storage and Shredding”.

Temperature Regulation

If your area is too hot or too cold, or if there is no air movement, contact Operations at 916-558-2543 for a temperature check.   We will send out a technician to check the air and if it is hotter than 78 degrees or cooler than 68 degrees, or if the air circulation has become a problem, we will contact our Facilities Management Department to affect a possible change.

Please note that we cannot make any adjustments if the room is between 68 and 78 degrees as mandated by the governor of California, state and LRCCD chancellors.