Utility Carts

All utility vehicle (cart) drivers must be “authorized” as outlined in our Transportation Program.

Note: Our utility carts are not typically scheduled, their primary purpose is to serve custodial and Operations staff in maintenance related activities. The Director of Operations will need to clear and approve any use other than the above stated.

Qualifying to Operate SCC Utility Carts

  1. Complete the DMV Driver Record Release Form if you have not already done so.
  2. Review the Campus Utility Vehicle Traffic Safety Guidelines and complete the Utility Vehicle Policy and Procedure Acknowledgment Form and send back to Campus Operations.
  3. Complete the Keenan Safe Colleges (KSC) Utility Cart online training course (instructions below). Training takes about 20 minutes to complete and is valid for three (3) years.

Keenan Safe Colleges (KSC) Training

Please read all of the instructions prior to starting the course. The results are pulled by District Office Risk Management.

Los Rios Employee Users

  • Go to Keenan Safe Colleges (KSC) and log in with your employee ID (without the W in front)
  • Click on the View More Courses button
  • Under Environmental Category, select Utility Cart Safety 
  • Click on course title, then click Full Course to begin training.

There will be a quiz at the end of the course. You will know upon completing the quiz whether you have passed or not. If not, you are required to re-take the course and the quiz until successfully passing.

To register for the Keenan Safe Colleges approval is required from the supervisor or Dean of the department requesting training. Please submit the Utility Cart Course Registration Request below. Once approved you will receive an email containing instructions to self-register.

Utility Cart Course Registration Request