For the class entering in Spring 2020, the application will open at midnight on August 25, 2019, and will close at 11:59 pm on October 6, 2019.

The application is a form completed online. The form requires personal information about the applicant and provides a place to upload the completed and signed Course Verification Form. The form is available here, along with an Application Instructions document and sample forms for your review. Review the instructions carefully. Any questions should be sent to

Students must have all official transcripts from colleges outside of the Los Rios District (ARC, CRC, FLC, SCC) and related course substitution forms submitted to SCC Admissions & Records prior to meeting with a counselor to review your Course Verification Form. NOTE: Courses listed on the document “Transfer Your Courses” do not need course substitution forms. For questions about course substitutions, review the Application Instructions document. 

The OTA Program requires a significant commitment and good planning prior to enrolling in order for you to be as successful as possible. Please review the document “Understanding the Required Commitment for Completing the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program” and be sure you are able to meet these expectations. In addition, all students should be able to meet the “Essential Functions of Allied Health Students.” All applicants should have attended a program information meeting prior to applying to the program.

When the online form opens August, 25, 2019, you may access it by hovering over the Application tab on the OTA web page.  This will provide a drop-down where you can access the form which has the instructions embedded in each section.

If accepted for Spring 2020, students need to be prepared to promptly cover fees for and complete requirements necessary to keep their seat in the program. Accepted applicants will receive a detailed instruction sheet. These requirements include: drug screen; background check; CPR for health care providers; TB test; immunizations; physical exam; online clinical training courses; and malpractice insurance. These are in addition to: tuition; textbooks; name badge; and lab fees.

The estimated costs are approximately $1,000, required by the beginning of the spring semester, and are subject to change. Students may be eligible for financial aid or other fee waivers. Please contact the SCC Financial Aid office for additional information and help.

If not accepted for Spring 2020, students will receive a waitlist number with the projected year of program enrollment. There will be a detailed information sheet provided with information on how to keep the enrollment number eligible and recommended activities to complete until the student is eligible to enter the program.