Application Process

The Occupational Therapy Assistant program accepts applications one time a year, in late summer/early fall.

These applications are processed during the fall semester.  Those students who have been selected will begin the program during the spring semester.


The application period for the cohort entering Spring 2017 is as follows:

  • Applications open on Aug. 17, 2016
  • Applications close on Sept. 20, 2016


All applications are submitted online.  The application itself is very short.  Applicants are required to submit unofficial transcripts, including those from all Los Rios colleges.  These need to be in PDF format.  Students should read the instruction sheet carefully.

All eligible applications are entered into a random selection drawing.  Those students who submitted a complete application in sequential years prior have their name entered to equal the number of years they have applied.  All prerequisite courses must be completed or in process to be eligible for additional entries.  Only eligible applications received in consecutive years will be eligible for additional entries.

All eligible applications are randomized.  The first 30 students are notified that they have been selected and that they must complete additional requirements by a given due date in order to retain their eligibility for the program.  Five additional students are notified that they are on standby in the event a seat becomes available prior to the beginning of the spring semester.  Finally, all remaining applicants are notified that they were not selected during this application cycle.  It may not be possible to notify all applicants of their status on the same day.

All correspondence is done via e-mail.  Please do not contact the department asking where your application is in the process.  Based on program staffing, this inquiry greatly delays the overall completion of application review, selection, and notification.  All applicants are asked to comply with this request.

Program Application Data
Application Year20102011201220132014 2015
Total Applicants99112116126146137
Cohort Enrolled323232333333
Selected on 1st or 2nd Attempt100%91%82%88%87%76%

Note:  The program retains the right to over-enroll by no more than 10% of the published 30 applicants accepted, for enrollment management purposes.

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