Additional Program Data

The Occupational Therapy Assistant Program collects a variety of date to aid in decision-making processes as well as to inform the public about the program.  The following provides the most recently available data.

Program Completion Rates
Cohort entering Spring ofSize of original cohortStudents who exited the program prior to completionTotal completing programPercentage of cohort that completed at the time of expected graduation
3-Year Total100108585%
2017332Cohort in progress
2018321Cohort in progress

*5 students are still in the program on a revised schedule for completion

Common Reasons for Choosing to Leave the Program:

  • Pregnancy and Health
  • Change in Career Choice
  • Transportation Issues

Common Reasons for Failure to Complete Program Successfully:

  • Poor Professional Competencies and Behaviors in Labs and Fieldwork
  • Inability to Fulfill the Math Graduation Competency
  • Lack of Financial Planning for Fieldwork