Useful Links


Common Misconceptions about Astronomy

– A website about misunderstandings people have about astronomy

Getting Started in Astronomy

– For the interested amateur

Finding Man-made Stuff in the Sky

– This site helps you locate satellites, the ISS, etc.

The International Space Station

– This is an animation of the assembly of the ISS

Finding Natural Stuff in the Sky

– This is free software to help you learn the sky

Scale of Everything

– An amazing accomplishment by two High School students.

Live Sun Cam

– See what the Sun is doing right now!

The Nine Planets

NSSDC Photo Gallery

Views Of The Solar System

– Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Black Holes

– This is a guide to black holes run by the StarDate radio show!

Sacramento Valley Astronomical Society

– The local astronomy connection for the Sacramento area

Seti @Home

–  Search for alien life from your home computer!

Sky viewer

– See the sky – all of it – including the galaxy!

Hubble Gallery

– A selection of pictures and movies from the Hubble Space Telescope (Hubble Heritage)

Big Rock (NEO’s)

– Learn about the asteroids that may kill us all

Astronomy Applets

– A very good collection of astronomy simulations

En Espanol :

Astronomia en la Universidad de Monterrey 

– Information en la programa astronomia de UNAM

Estrellas – Diagrama de H-R

– Una diagrama muy importante en la evolution de las estrellas

Ciencia a NASA

– Information en las projectas en astronomia y ciencia de NASA



Physics Applets (link expired)

More physics applets

Yet even more physics applets

– Java scripts that do visual physics simulations on your computer



Recent Earthquakes

More on Earthquakes

– Find out who’s world is being rocked today

Recent Volcanic Activity

More on Volcanoes

– For non-Hawai’ians also



Weather Underground

– A lot of weather information, few ads

Climate Change

– Information on Global Warming not sponsored by an oil company, but rather an environmental group

Sea level rise simulator

Another sea level rise simulator

– See where NOT to retire to



Skeptic’s Dictionary

– Much material on odd claims, from SCC philosophy professor Robert Carrol

Skeptics Society

– Examines fringe claims made by many groups, publisher of Skeptic Magazine

Bad Astronomy

– The best site for fringe claims about astronomy



Physics and the African Diaspora

– Examines African-American contributions to physics and astronomy