Pamela Flaherty

I am very interested in developing the sociological perspective. With the tools of sociology students will be well informed, happy and driven to create a better world for all people.

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I have been teaching sociology for over thirty years in various institutions and have also had a career in human services. I try to bring my lifelong community experience into the classroom by providing an applied, hands-on approach to traditional sociology classes. Students engage in group work, simulations and lots of experiential activities in which I attempt to breathe life into abstract concepts. Most importantly I love teaching sociology and find that I am constantly inspired and motivated by the students at Sacramento City College!

My work in community studies involves the establishment of  internships for students who would like to explore working with people in a helping capacity. There are a number of volunteer and a few paid internship positions offered by nonprofit organizations in the Sacramento area. If you are Interested in exploring work in human services I encourage you to sign up for Sociology 385, the sociology internship practicum.

I also coordinate the Service-Learning program which is an opportunity for students to connect specific course concepts to community service. Check out the Service-Learning opportunities at:

Contact me or drop by my office if you have any questions about the sociology courses and programs. I have resources for students interested in exploring careers in sociology and/or human services and would be delighted to visit with you.

Orientations: Hybrid & Online Classes