Establish a Department Fund

The Sacramento City College Office of Philanthropy provides oversight, processing and bookkeeping services for department funds raised through donations and fundraising events.

These funds are restricted in use to the purpose for which the fund was originally established, as stated on the form linked below.

Request to Create a Department Restricted Fund (PDF)

Department foundation funds can be used for expenditures related to the mission of the college, student success and program enhancement.

The fundraising effort must be one that supports a broad philanthropic or educational interest of the college. All organized fundraising appeals of the Office of Philanthropy must adhere to the mission of the Los Rios Colleges Foundation:

To support the students and colleges of the Los Rios District. The Foundation is a public benefit, non-profit corporation; its purpose is a public one, not a private purpose, and its activities and appeals must support public causes. State and Federal law, as well as the California Ed Code require that every community college shall provide its services, classes, and programs without regard to any protected category, so projects cannot discriminate on the basis of any protected class (race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin.)

Purchases may include:

  • Equipment and supplies
  • Computers and software
  • Professional development for employees
  • Consultants
  • Advisory committee refreshments
  • College wear or spirit wear for staff
  • Meals for college guests and visitors
  • Food and supplies for office and department meetings and retreats
  • Tickets/table purchase for business events that tie to the area’s mission
  • Reasonable expenditures for team-building exercises

For payment/reimbursement from this fund:

  1. Use an “SCC Campus-Based Funds requisition” form. This is a form that can be obtained from your division office or the Business Services Office. It is a triplicate form, so it is not available in digital format.
  2. For approval, this requisition must be initialed by the appropriate dean or department manager.
  3. The completed Requisition shall be submitted to the SCC Office of Philanthropy (RHN 222) for processing of payment.

A completed requisition consists of:

  • Describing what the items are and/or the purpose of the purchase (in the description field)
  • Supporting documentation, such as original receipts, invoices, contracts, and honorarium forms.  All submitted receipts must be itemized.  Smaller receipts should be taped to a letter size paper.
  • Initials of a dean or department manager

Expenditures shall follow established District purchasing guidelines. If paperwork is not complete, it will be returned to the originator.