Emeriti Affiliates Scholarships and Endowments



Pooled-Any amount

A $500 gift may establish an EA scholarship bearing your name. You may select the scholarship criteria, which may include one or all of the following: academic area of study, qualifying criteria such as GPA, number of units earned, major, etc.

EA also offers a combined giving opportunity for those who wish to donate a partial scholarship. You are welcome to participate in the pooled scholarship appeal in any amount.

Scholarship gifts are short-term, one-time gifts. If you wish to participate in an income-generating account, establishing an endowment may be the gift of choice for you.


An endowment is an income-generating gift that will be held in perpetuity and whose principal shall be left undisturbed. The income earned from the endowment may enable scholarships to be awarded to Sacramento City College students.

Endowed funds:

* Exist in perpetuity

* May be named after the donor or an honoree

* Ensure funding for a specified scholarship or college program

An endowment establishes a trust whose interest income supports a scholarship or a program service. Our staff will gladly assist in establishing an endowment. The minimum requirement to create an endowment is $10,000.