Endow a Scholarship


More than a third of the SCC Foundation’s scholarships are funded by permanent endowments. Endowment funds are an easy way to make a lasting mark on the future of our community because they allow the Foundation to offer scholarships every year, in perpetuity. Because of this, they touch not only the lives of today’s students, but others for generations to come. Because the scholarships are funded by accrued interest, the original gift itself remains untouched.


You may choose to name an endowed scholarship after yourself, in honor of a friend or family member, or after a business or organization. Foundation staff members are happy to provide guidance in determining the scholarship’s specific criteria. Endowments may also be set up as memorial funds. A minimum gift of $10,000 is required to establish an endowed scholarship.


For more information on setting up an endowed scholarship, please contact the SCC College Advancement Interim Director, Dan McCarty,  at 916-558-2197.