SCC Fund Grant Program

SCC Fund Grants are made possible by generous donors like you.  Your gifts help fund the SCC Fund, formerly known as the annual fund. Donations to the SCC Fund are unrestricted, allowing donations to be used for activities supporting the college and allowing those activities to vary over time to reflect changing priorities.

Donations to the SCC Fund are pooled together from many donors in order to make a significant impact. People have innovative ideas but no funding source.  Here is your chance!

Aligning with College Values

The focus of the SCC Fund grants program is aligned with our college values.  Here are a few examples of desirable projects that move the college forward.

Working Together

Projects that would:

  • provide assistance to faculty, staff, and administration to encourage cross-division integration and collaboration (For instance, our collaborative work centered on Pathways)
  • streamline processes that save time and resources
  • enhance the work environment through team-building

Pursuing Excellence

Projects that would:

  • improve job performance and/or the quality of the student experience
  • fund capital expenses such as instructional equipment and supplies
  • provide access to instructional activities giving students and faculty a margin of excellence in teaching and learning (SLO innovations)
  • support new emerging programs

Inspiring Achievement

Projects that would:

  • provide assistance to faculty and staff in implementing innovative ideas to improve student learning, college processes and/or curriculum and teaching methods
  • support near graduation students to finish their degree/certificate
  • allow enrichment opportunities outside of the classroom (conferences, field trips, etc. )


Staff, faculty, and administrators may apply for grants. Projects may be submitted to the SCC Foundation with approval from SCC deans. Requests for funding to pay salaries are not eligible.

Additional considerations

Priority will be given to projects demonstrating positive impact on students, classroom instruction, and/or the ability to enhance the image of the college. The Foundation will also be interested in projects that may attract funds from outside the college (i.e. matching gifts, corporate partnerships, etc.). Funds may support a range of needs from improved methods of instruction to equipment needs. Special consideration will be given to requests from SCC fund donors.

Award Amounts

Target funding level is $2,000. Requests for smaller amounts are also encouraged. A request for more than $2,000 will be considered but the goal is to spread the funds as much as possible to more grantees. Although the Foundation would like to award all appropriate requests, the awards will depend on SCC Fund proceeds.

Funds are not to be used for ongoing program support, compensation, student clubs or legislative activities. Funds are not meant to supplant dollars already in a departmental budget. Before writing your proposal, it is strongly recommended that you check with your dean or your vice president to determine if other funding sources are available.

Application Process

Application Process

Click the link below to complete the SCC Fund Grant Application.  Submit the completed form to Dan McCarty, Rodda Hall North 222, or by email (including any attachments) to by the deadline, 4:00 p.m. on November 1, 2018.

Apply for a Grant (PDF)

Award Process

Once all applications are received by the November 1st deadline, a committee composed of all constituency groups, students, SCC Philanthropic Council, Honors/Awards committee and SCC Affiliate members will review the applications and award funds up to the amount budgeted for the calendar year.  If funds are available, applicants can submit a proposal after the deadline.  These requests may be considered, but higher priority will be given to applicants that meet the deadline.

Spending Deadline

Funds must be spent between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019.  Unspent funds will be forfeited.

Become an SCC Fund Donor

To donate to the SCC Fund, please click here.

Examples of Funded Projects from Past Years

  • Choral Performance at Carnegie Hall (solo concert over Memorial Day weekend)
  • Makerspace supplies
  • PTK events and scholarships
  • Washington D. C. trip expenses by Hispanic students (HACU)
  • $20,000 for mini-grants for 100th Celebration including 100 Objects Book, Open House, Centennial Mural, Belle’s Garden book, etc.
  • Computer & Display Monitor (Pro Tools for music and audio production software)
  • Livescribe Smart Pens (used by students from the Disability Resource Center)
  • Green Chemistry – SPME Technology (green chemistry)
  • Business Plan Contest (students compete for the award by writing formal business plans to be reviewed by entrepreneurs and/or business executives)
  • Student Awards Codeathon
  • City Farm (chartered student club)
  • Summer Success Academy (backpacks; four-week bridge program for high school grads transitioning to SCC)
  • LGBT Friendly Campus Project – funds were used to bring speakers from local universities and community organizations who are experts in history, culture, health, student development issues
  • Mainline Magazine
  • High Tech Center Enhancements
  • Industrial Sewing Machines to Lab
  • Classroom Supplies for Children’s Classrooms at the CDC
  • Dental Health Clinic
  • Photography
  • Music Department
  • Academic Advising Distance Education
  • Kondos Gallery Project
  • Permanent Art Collection Rejuvenation Project
  • Scientific presentations by SCC students to the Annual Meeting of the Wildlife Society
  • Education Coaches
  • Shakespeare Anniversary
  • iClickers for the classroom
  • Family Consumer Science kitchenware replacement
  • Balloons for Health Fair