Philosophy Department

Philosophy examines fundamental and important questions regarding the nature of truth, sound reasoning, morality, beauty, God, justice, reality, and the elements essential to living the good life. Diligent study of philosophy will improve one’s critical thinking skills in order to prepare for a career in teaching, law, medical ethics, public service, writing and publishing, social work and religious services, as well as provide a strong foundation for graduate work in various academic disciplines as evidenced by the fact that philosophy students consistently score highest out of all other disciplines on both the GRE (Graduate Record Exam) and LSAT (Law School Admissions Test).

Programs of Study

  • Philosophy for Transfer

    This program is intended to prepare students for transfer into baccalaureate philosophy programs at the California State University. It provides essential lower division work and offers a broad selection… MORE >>

  • Interdisciplinary Studies: Environmental Literacy

    The Environmental Literacy degree is designed to provide students with an interdisciplinary knowledge of environmental issues and theories focused on the humanities and social sciences (rather than the natural… MORE >>