Public Information Office

The Public Information Office is responsible for the overall development of messages that help promote Sacramento City College.

This may include:

  • preparing and distributing news releases, news advisories, and public service announcements to radio, television, and newspapers
  • the creation of brochures, fliers and other written materials that are widely distributed throughout the college and community

The Public Information Office also manages college communications using the SCC website, social media, electronic reader boards and email.

Public Information Office

Public Information Staff

The Public Information Office is responsible for making sure all print publications and web pages comply with web and publication guidelines. Staff with questions concerning these guidelines should contact the Communications and Public Information Officer before finalizing the publication for print or posting to the web. Staff in this office are also available to proofread.

The Communications & Public Information Officer is the college spokesperson when responding to the media, or may work with other college staff to advise them on how to prepare for media interviews. All media inquiries should be referred or reported to this office.

The Communications & Public Information Office produces a weekly news bulletin throughout each semester that is sent to all staff, called City Chronicles.  Employees are encouraged to submit newsworthy items for inclusion.

What makes something news?

  • Impact. Something that is likely to affect many people.
  • Timeliness. Something that is immediate, recent, or about to happen.
  • Prominence. Something involving well-known people or institutions.
  • Proximity. Something or someone in the circulation or broadcast area.
  • Unusual. Events that deviate sharply from the expected and the experience of daily life.
  • Currency. Events, issues, and situations that are being talked about.

SCC Brand and Logos

For information regarding our brand and logos, please visit the SCC Brand page.