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  • The PIO reserves the right to edit content and choose the methods of publicity most suitable for effective communication. Methods may include publicizing on the college's website homepage and events calendar, official social media channels, campus-wide TV screens, and in the student or employee e-newsletter. This service is available for college-related events. (*indicates required field)

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  • Before you submit your request, please check that the dates and times you've selected are correct.
  • For more information on how to post to the college's online calendar, contact Dawn Pedersen (x2482 or

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  • Enter the dates you wish to start and end publicity.


  • Photos must be high resolution and without text overlay (no flyers). Horizontal and uncropped photos are preferred, as they are more likely to be usable on the homepage of the college website (see homepage for an idea of how the photo would look in relation to the navigation menus and sidebar).