Executive Council

The Executive Council acts as a clearinghouse that oversees the participatory decision-making process and includes the leaders of each constituency.

All recommendations from Standing Committees, Constituent Groups or Campus Issue forms are submitted to the Executive Council. The Executive Council receives input from constituent groups, operating units, college standing committees and individuals. Based on recommendations from these sources, the Executive Council presents various viewpoints and perspectives to the President so that she can make an informed decision. The President then makes the final decision.

The purpose of the Executive Council is to represent constituent groups in advising the President on college-wide policy and procedure decisions; to ensure that the participatory decision-making process is viable, consistent, and understood; and to ensure that the process addresses college issues in a timely fashion.

The Executive Council charge is to ensure that plans that affect the college are communicated with the constituent groups, operating units and committees;  to provide a forum where representatives of all constituent groups can represent the views of their constituencies on campus-wide issues prior to a decision, with the goal of reaching consensus prior to making a recommendation to the President; to advise the President regarding pending college-wide policy decisions; and, to ensure that all college-wide views have been heard by facilitating discussion of issues within constituency groups.

Members of Executive Council include the President, Executive Staff, Dean of PRIE, the Communication and Public Information Officer, and one representative from each of the constituent groups.

Michael GutierrezCollege President
Troy MyersPresident, Academic Senate
Robert KellyPresident, Classified Senate
Miguel GuerreroPresident, Student Associated Council
Art PimentelChair, Senior Leadership Team
Dr. Steven BoydVice President, Instruction
Michael PoindexterVice President, Student Services
Carrie BrayInterim Vice President, Administrative Services
Dr. Marybeth BuechnerDean, Planning, Research & Institutional Effectiveness
Kaitlyn MacGregorCommunication & Public Information Officer