Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) is a forum in which the president,  vice presidents, deans, directors, and officers obtain information and discuss issues.


  • review and discuss District and college issues and proposals
  • create an opportunity for management to develop positions on issues
  • discuss all recommendations made to the Executive Council through the governance process
  • make recommendations to the President on college-wide issues

Chair and Co-Chair

Each year, SLT elects a new “co-chair” as the co-chair moves to the chair position.  The team chair sits on the SCC Executive Council.


Second Monday of each month
1:30-3:30 pm
Rodda Hall North RHN-258


      • Dr. Elaine Ader
        Dean, Information Technology
      • Dr. Steven Boyd
        Vice President, Instruction
      • Carrie Bray
        Interim Vice President, Administrative Services
      • Dr. Marybeth Buechner
        Dean, Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness
      • Mitchell Campbell
        Dean, Kinesiology, Health and Athletics
      • Randy Clem
        Director, College Store
      • Dr. Andre Coleman
        Dean, Counseling and Student Success
      • James (Jim) Collins (past chair)
        Dean, Science and Allied Health
      • Kevin Flash
        Dean, Learning Resources
      • Michael Gutierrez
      • Christine Hernandez
        Dean, Financial Aid and Student Services
      • Robin Ikegami
        Interim Dean, Language and Literature
      • Chris R. Iwata
        Dean, Humanities and Fine Arts
      • Julia Jolly
        Associate Vice President, Instruction, General Education/Outreach Programs
      • Margaret Lednicky
        Director,  Administrative Services, Campus Operations
      • Dr. Debra Luff
        Associate Vice President, Enrollment/Student Services


  • Dan McCarty
    Interim Director, College Advancement
  • Kaitlyn MacGregor
    Communications and Public Information Officer
  • Gabriel Meehan
    Associate Vice President, Instruction, Economics and Workforce Development
  • Pamela Morrison
    President’s  Executive Assistant
  • Dr. Carel Mountain
    Director, Nursing
  • Don Palm
    Dean, Davis Center
  • Art Pimentel (Chair)
    Dean, West Sacramento Center
  • Michael Poindexter
    Vice President,  Student Services
  • Martin Ramirez
    Director, HSI, STEM Grant Project
  • Dr. Lorena Ruedas
    Director, HSI-SAGE Grant Project
  • Dr. Deborah Saks
    Dean, Business Division
  • Dr. Carl Sjovold
    Interim Dean, Behavior and Social Science
  • Molly Springer
    Dean, Student Equity and Success
  • Dr. Daniel Styer
    Dean, Mathematics, Statistics, and Engineering
  • Donnetta Webb
    Dean, Advanced Technology