Senior Leadership 2013-14



Apr. 14, 2014    AGENDA     MINUTES

Campus Issue#13-14-06 Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Student Email Notification Communications Document

Spring 2014 Convocation Student Success Charette Report

VPA 3rd Quarter Metrics

Mar. 10, 2014     AGENDA     MINUTES

Enrollment Growth Plans for 2014-15

Shared Governance Issues

Campus Issue#13-14-03 Electric/Plug-In

New Campus Issue #13-14-04: Student Equity Committee 

Student Behavioral Reference Guide

LRCCD Summer/Fall Enrollment Campaign Proposal

Feb. 10, 2014      AGENDA     MINUTES

 Campus Issue#13-14-03: Electric/Plug-In

Campus Issue#13-14-02: Staff Development Activity

Jan. 13, 2014       AGENDA    MINUTES

ACCJC Review of SLO Report

Credit Card Payment Security

SCC “Sex-Positive Education Week” 

Dec. 9, 2013        AGENDA    MINUTES

Campus-Wide Issue #13-14-02-Staff Development Activity Integration

Midyear Budget Brief

Nov. 12, 2013      AGENDA    MINUTES

Dashboard for Core  Indicators- Draft

District 2013 FXn Map w 09 Fxn assignments

Oct. 14, 2013      AGENDA     MINUTES

Fall IQ Awards Call for Proposals

Sept. 12, 2013     AGENDA   MINUTES

Bellwether Awards

Aug.  13/14, 2013   Retreat

Jul. 8, 2013           AGENDA   MINUTES

Progress Summary Accred Recs/Planning Items Fall

Guide to Evaluating Institutions ….

Recent Commission Actions w/Text of Recommendations

Accreditation: 2013 Beyond…..

Eligibility Requirements Edited-January 2012

Accreditation- Standards Edited: Nov 2012 

Team Notes for Dept of Ed Requirements