Participatory Decision-Making

The goal of participatory decision-making is to provide a working environment which encourages the participation of the entire campus community – students, faculty, classified staff, and managers – in the process of making decisions that directly and indirectly affect them.

At Sacramento City College, four complementary components comprise the governance function: 1) administrative structure and process, whereby the operations of the college are implemented within established policies and procedures facilitated by the management staff; 2) the constituent groups who assure representation and participation and speak for the interests of their members; 3) a committee system wherein the various constituencies review and recommend policies, regulations, and processes of the College/District that affect all aspects of the College community; and 4) input from any individual or group in the college on issues, concerns, or recommendations for improvement.

The President is both a part of and stands outside of this structure and is ultimately responsible for its effectiveness. For additional details, refer to the following document: A Guide to Participatory Decision-Making at Sacramento City College (The Governance Guide).

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