Campus Issues & Responses

Closed Campus Issues
Academic YearIssue NumberTitlePresident’s Response
2018-1918-19-03Change of Department Name11/26/2018
18-19-02Re-stripe Bookstore Parking to Staff11/26/2018
18-19-01Approval of “Art Installation Parameters”11/22/2018
2017-1817-18-02Change the Name of “Business Services”07/25/2018
17-18-01Change to Charge11/07/2017
2015-1615-16-03Student Safety at Night in Transit to Parking Structure05/03/2016
15-16-02Renaming the Business Building01/15/2016
2014-1514-15-02Art Installation of “The Four Directions”12/18/2015
14-15-01FTE Requests05/11/2015
2013-1413-14-08Planting of a Memorial Tree05/11/2015
13-14-07Committee Name Change05/12/2014
13-14-05Business Division name does not reflect the discipline of Computer Information Science05/12/2014
13-14-06Gender Neutral Bathrooms on Campus02/27/2014
13-14-04Revision to the charge of the Student Equity Committee01/26/2015
13-14-03Electric/Plug-In Charging Stations05/12/2014
13-14-02Staff Development Activity Integration02/12/2015
13-14-01Smoking near Performing Arts Center, Technology and Cosmetology buildings11/18/2013
2012-1312-13-03College Website Management and Governance11/18/2013
12-13-02Development of SLO Assessment Standing Committee (Withdrawn from consideration by authors)N/A
12-13-01Safety of Campus Hallways05/01/2013
2011-1211-12-06Committee Charge Change (Learning Resources Center)10/30/2012
11-12-05Formation of SCC Sustainability Committee02/28/2013
11-12-04Committee Name Change (Recognition Events Committee)06/14/2012
11-12-03Smoking on Campus (Campus Safety Committee)05/01/2013
11-12-02Making the Student Equity Committee Monthly Meeting longer by 30 Minutes06/14/2012
11-12-01Possible Consolidation of Standing Committees06/14/2012
2010-1110-11-03SCC Panther Professional Clothing Closet03/28/2012
10-11-02Establishing a Food Pantry for SCC Students09/20/2011
10-11-01Correction/Clarification of Curriculum Committee Charge09/20/2011
2009-1009-10-06Tutoring & IT Department Name Change10/13/2010
09-10-05PE Division Name Change01/18/2011
09-10-04Unisex Bathroom for Handicap Clients, Students & Faculty05/17/2010
09-10-03Smoking on Campus II05/10/2010
09-10-02ASG President Recall Election Votes04/06/2010
09-10-01Parking Space for the College President05/11/2015
2008-0908-09-05Name Change for MAC Lab04/06/2010
08-09-04SCC Logo and Slogan09/24/2009
08-09-03Add Name – Office of College Advancement09/24/2009
08-09-02Changing the Name of the Art Department to Art and Art History Department09/24/2009
08-09-01Policy Change in Student Discipline Process – Append. 109/24/2009
2007-0807-08-09Plug in Outlet for Electric Vehicles10/09/2009
07-08-08College Values Statement05/07/2008
07-08-07Changing Standing Committee Charges and Meeting Times –Append. 1; Append. 2Append. 305/10/2010
07-08-06Safety Protocols for Fire-Response Time of Campus Police05/17/2010
07-08-05Discontinuing Shuttle Service03/27/2008
07-08-04Revise College Mission Statement03/06/2008
07-08-03Baby Changing Tables in LRC Restrooms, Both Male & Female01/15/2008
07-08-02Unsafe Pedestrian Traffic on Panther Parkway11/09/2007
07-08-01Install Gates at Parking Entrance10/04/2007
2006-0706-07-10Fulfillment of Shared Governance Obligation through Homecoming Committee Membership & Club Advisement10/04/2007
06-07-09Change Standing Committee Name05/10/2010
06-07-08Name the Road05/16/2007
06-07-07Panther Statue05/02/2007
06-07-06Violence Against Women on Campus04/18/2007
06-07-05Change of Committee Charge12/01/2006
06-07-04Cultural Democracy Steering Committee and Structure03/06/2008
06-07-03Port-a-Potties by Construction Site09/20/2006
06-07-02Working Microwaves for Students in Cafeteria10/06/2006
06-07-01Smoking on Campus11/25/2008
2005-0605-06-14Relocation of the RISE Office09/15/2006
05-06-13Construction Process and Policies05/18/2006
05-06-12(Campus Issue was Retracted)
05-06-11Waste/Recycling Receptacles04/13/2006
05-06-10Certificate Holders Participation in Commencement Ceremony04/07/2006
05-06-09Acquiring Books for Reserve Desk in LRC03/27/2006
05-06-08Seating Outside05/18/2006
05-06-07College Goals03/21/2006
05-06-06Final Exam Schedule Recommendation from Academic Senate02/03/2006
05-06-05Wearing of Sashes by Students in Commencement Ceremony03/15/2006
05-06-04Policy on Use of MySpace.com09/06/2006
05-06-03Crosswalks on Major Pedestrian Passages on Campus Parking Lot05/18/2006
05-06-02Students Utilizing the Portion of City Café Designated for Staff and Faculty Use Only09/09/2005
05-06-01Students Sitting/Lying on the Floors of the Hallways on the 1stFloor of the LRC10/07/2005
2004-0504-05-08Relocate eServices to a larger area09/15/2006
04-05-07Bicycling Issues and the Master Plan04/06/2005
04-05-06Lighting on Campus After Dark02/17/2005
04-05-05Public Listing of Non-Standing Committees & Sub-Committees02/17/2005
04-05-04Change Committee Charge for the Safety Committee12/15/2004
04-05-03Unhealthy Trees Along East Road02/17/2005
04-05-02Membership of Professional Standards Committee02/17/2005
04-05-01Exit Process Policy12/15/2004