Standing Committees

Participatory Decision-Making

The shared governance Standing Committees bring together members of the College from all constituencies and components of the administrative structure to represent various interests and levels of expertise. Committees have the responsibility to foster a climate of mutual trust, mutual resolution, positive communication skills, and timely reporting.

Standing Committees participate in the decision-making process within the scope of their committee charge. The intent of the committee responsibility varies from committee to committee but may include identifying, studying and reviewing issues, and making recommendations to Executive Council concerning services and programs. Committees may appoint subcommittees as needed.

Standing Committee Meeting Schedule

Standing Committees: access charge, minutes, membership and other information

Standing Committee Tri-Chairs

Committee Tri-Chairs meet annually with Executive Council to discuss issues or problems with the committee structure, identify areas in the process which need improvement, and have an opportunity for communication and collaboration among committees (where appropriate).

Use this link to view the Standing Committee Tri-Chairs.

Tri-Chair Annual Meeting Agendas & Minutes


Fall 2019 Agenda
Fall 2018 Agenda
Fall 2017*
Fall 2016 Agenda
Fall 2015 Agenda
Fall 2014 Agenda
Fall 2013 Agenda
Fall 2011 Agenda

Fall 2010 Agenda

* Working on Governance Guide in lieu of Fall 2017 Tri-Chair Annual Meeting.


Fall 2018 Minutes
Fall 2017*
Fall 2016 Minutes
Fall 2015 Minutes
Fall 2014 Minutes**
Fall 2013 Minutes**
Fall 2012 Minutes

Fall 2011 Minutes

* Working on Governance Guide in lieu of Fall 2017 Tri-Chair Annual Meeting.
**The following handout was discussed in lieu of minutes at the Fall 2013 and Fall 2014 Tri-Chair Annual Meeting.