Budget Committee

Standing Committee

Committee Charge

Utilizing the results of the college planning process and established criteria, the Budget Committee evaluates requests for budget allocations; establishes procedures and calendars used in the college budget process and recommends allocations of the moneys available from the college unrestricted COLA/growth and one-time-only (OTO) funds. The Budget Committee operates with the college policy of maintaining historical operating base budgets. Note: The amount of unrestricted COLA/growth and OTO funds available for the budget committee process is determined annually by the President in consultation with the VPA and reviewed by President’s Cabinet. Unrestricted COLA/growth and OTO funds are drawn from multiple sources including but not limited to: College Discretionary Fund (CDF), Instructionally-Related (IR), Partnership for Excellence (PFE), Vocational and Technical Education Act (VTEA), State Instructional Equipment Funds (SIEF), Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSP&S), etc. Changes in the initial calculation of unrestricted COLA/growth and OTO funds are brought to the committee for appropriate adjustments.

Budget Committee Alignment with Accreditation Standards

Committee Meeting Schedule

1st and 3rd Friday of each month from 9 to 11 a.m.
Meeting Location: Business Building, BUS 225

(Exceptions: January meetings will not be held)

Committee Documents



Other Committee Items:

2019-20 Committee Membership

Committee Chairs:



Administrative Members:

Carrie Bray, Administrative Services
Marybeth Buechner, Planning, Research, & Institutional Effectiveness
Kasey Gardner, Behavioral & Social Science
Margaret Lednicky, Operations
Dan McCarty, Foundation
Gabriel Meehan, Economic and Workforce Development
Deborah Saks, Business & CIS

Classified Members:

Taunya Wattier, Administrative Services
Delissa Garza, Extended Opportunity Programs and Services
Carmen Hirkala, Science & Allied Health, Biology
Jacek Kozikowski, Davis Center
David Lockwood, Business Service Office
Velisa Robertson, CalWORKs

Faculty Members:

Alexis Ackerman, Science & Allied Health
Halsey Boyd, Mathematics, Statistics, and Engineering
Paul Carmazzi, Kinesiology, Health and Athletics
Paul Estabrook, Advanced Technology
Lara Gary, Language and Literature
Shannon Gilley, Counseling
Debora Loomis, English as a Second Language
Daniel Paulson, Humanities & Fine Arts
John Polagruto, Behavioral & Social Science
Loretta Richard, Learning Resource Center
Shannon Rodrian, Admissions & Records
Kurt Shiflet, Humanities & Fine Arts
Derek Sullivan, Kinesiology, Health and Athletics
Shawn Weinsheink, Humanities & Fine Arts
Emily Wilson, Humanities & Fine Arts
Nicole Woolley, Learning Resource Center
Meili Xu, Business & CIS
Jonathan Zeh, Mechanical Electrical Technology

Student Members:

Myles C.
Mary Ann Josol
Omar Rincon