Campus Safety Smoking Subcommittee

Campus Safety Standing Committee – Smoking Subcommittee

The Safety Smoking Subcommittee met for the final time on 10-04-2016. All future smoking/tobacco/vape issues will be discussed by the Campus Safety Committee.

Subcommittee Description

The Campus Safety Subcommittee for Smoking was created by the Campus Safety Committee to investigate, evaluate, and guide the college in addressing smoking/tobacco use on SCC campuses. The subcommittee actively gathers feedback from the college community regarding smoking, tobacco use and vaping. The subcommittee then analyzes and reports the compiled findings and gives recommendations to the college president, the constituency groups and the Campus Safety Committee.  The subcommittee coordinates implementation of the environmental standards for smoking and also addresses ongoing issues and concerns regarding smoking, tobacco use and vaping to help provide a clean, healthy environment for SCC students and employees.