Institutional Effectiveness

Institutional Effectiveness is a way of expressing the degree to which the college is successful at achieving its purposes and goals.

Maintaining institutional effectiveness relies on continuously evaluating the results of our work and using that information to make changes where improvement is possible.

  • Accreditation
    SCC is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC). Institutional accreditation is public certification that institutions meet defined standards of quality and responsibility.
  • College Set Standards (ACCJC) and Institutional Effectiveness Goals (CCCCO)
    SCC sets aspirational goals for the CCCCO Institutional Effectiveness indicators.  The college also has college-set standards which are long-term thresholds that show the minimal expectations for the college; these are required by ACCJC.
  • Grant-Writing Support
    The PRIE Office processes paperwork for external grants that are applied for by individuals or groups in support of college projects or initiatives at SCC.
  • Institutional Effectiveness Reports
    The Institutional Effectiveness reports provide a summary of key data for the college in areas such as student achievement, enrollment, equity and success.
  • Participatory Decision-Making
    Participatory Decision-Making is a continuous process that provides the opportunity for all individuals on campus who are affected by a decision to have their suggestions/ideas represented in the decision-making process either through personal or representative participation. This process at SCC includes the college administrative structure, the constituency leadership groups, the college committees, and input from individuals on issues affecting the college.
  • Program Review
    Program Review is the process of evaluating the effectiveness of department or division level programs and activities including accomplishment of objectives, measures of merit, and learning outcomes.
  • SCC Reports to ACCJC
    In addition to the above-mentioned Accreditation reports, SCC also files additional reports with the ACCJC on an ongoing basis. These include Annual Reports, Substantive Change Reports, and various other filings.
  • Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)
    Student Learning Outcomes are statements of the main skills and abilities gained by successful students as they complete courses and programs.