2015 Accreditation


For more information regarding the 2015 Accreditation visit, please also see the SCC 2015 Accreditation Visit page.


The members of the 2015 Self-Evaluation writing teams have been working in a shared online space as they develop drafts of the report.  Members of the writing teams, the Accreditation Coordinating Committee, and the Accreditation Steering Committee are automatically invited to be members of this Alfresco site:

Alfresco Accreditation Dashboard Link (Shared Work Space & Drafts)

If you would like to be a member of the site, contact one of the Accreditation Tri-chairs (Ginni May, Kelly Irwin, and Don Palm).


Accreditation Self-Evaluation General Forums (Spring 2015)

Main Campus, RHN 258

April 13, 9:00 – 10:00 AM
April 14, 2:30 – 3:30 PM
April 15, 4:00 – 5:30 PM
April 16, 12:00 – 1:00 PM

Davis, DAC 214

April 13, 4:00 PM

West Sacramento, WS 114

April 14, 12:00 PM

Accreditation Coordinating Committee

Policy group to oversee the Accreditation cycle including the preparation of the Self-Evaluation Report and the external team site visit

  • Makes broad policy decisions related to the Report and site visit
  • Sets overall timelines
  • Determines accreditation messaging for external groups


President – Kathryn Jeffery
VP Administration – Laduan Smedley
VP Instruction – Mary Turner
VP Student Services – Michael Poindexter
President, Academic Senate – Ginni May
President, Classified Senate – Monica Souza/Sandra Belmares
Chair, Senior Leadership Team – Frank Malaret
President, Student Government – Sandeep Singh
Public Information Officer – Rick Brewer
Self-Evaluation Report Editor – Jan Haag
Staff Resource Center Coordinator – Norman Lorenz
Classified tri-chair, Self-Eval Report – Kelly Irwin
Faculty tri-chair, Self-Eval Report – Ginni May
Management tri-chair, Self-Eval Report – Don Palm
Accreditation Liaison Officer – Marybeth Buechner
IT Dean – Elaine Ader
Evidence coordinator – Cathy Chenu-Campbell
SLO coordinator – Maria Regalado

Self-Evaluation Report Writing Groups

Teams responsible for the actual writing of sections of the Self-Evaluation Report. Tri-chairs will ensure that information is consistent across the sections within the standard.

Standard Section Tri-chairs:

Standard I: Mission
Norman Lorenz, Kim Goff, Anne Licciardi

Standard IIA: Instructional Programs
Lonnie Larson, Marilyn Perry, Albert Garcia

Standard IIB: Student Support Services
Irma Rodriguez and Elaine Ader

Standard IIC: Library and Learning Support Services
Carl Sjovold, Sarah Eyanson, Chris Iwata

Standard IIIA: Human Resources
Patti Redmond, Janice Hans, Christine Hernandez

Standard IIIB: Physical Resources
Kris Janssen, Sandra Belmares, Mitch Campbell

Standard IIIC: Technology Resources
Josh Roberts, Shawn Ledet, Deb Saks

Standard IIID: Financial Resources
Greg Rose, Reggie Jean-Giles, Jim Collins

Standard IV: Leadership and Governance
Connie Zuercher, Monica Souza, Frank Malaret

All other parts (Introduction, Organization of the Self-Evaluation Process, Organizational Information, etc.)
Ginni May, Kelly Irwin, Don Palm, Marybeth Buechner, Anne Danenberg

Editor – Jan Haag

Evidence Coordinator – Cathy Chenu-Campbell

Evidence Assistants – Emily Layton, Danny O’Neil

Self-Evaluation Report Steering Committee

Working group managing the writing of the Self-Evaluation Report.

  • Central role in carrying out the broad direction as set by the Accreditation Coordinating Committee
  • Provides training and coordinates the work of the Writing Groups
  • Regular communication on the Report  to all constituency groups
  • Coordinate work at the College with the District, through District ACC


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Faculty tri-chair, Self-Eval Report (Ginni May)
Classified tri-chair, Self-Eval Report (Kelly Irwin)
Management tri-chair, Self-Eval Report (Don Palm)
Student government representative (shared position: Daniel O’Neil and TBD)
Evidence coordinator (Cathy Chenu-Campbell)
Accreditation Liaison Officer (Marybeth Buechner)

Others will be included in Steering Committee or Coordinating Committee meetings as needed; for example:

  • Writing group standard section leads
  • Research and planning staff
  • IT staff
  • Student services staff
  • Administrative Services staff