2015 Follow-up Report

Report due March 15, 2017


The ACCJC may require a Follow-Up Report at any time between comprehensive evaluation visits. This Report includes a narrative analysis and evidence that describes the resolution of deficiencies identified in the Commission action letter; verifies that the Eligibility Requirements, Accreditation Standards, and Commission policies (together Commission’s Standards) are met; and affirms that the institution will sustain the changes/improvements.

SCC’s Follow-Up Report is due on March 15, 2017. The below evidence links are related to this report.


SCC Accreditation Follow-up Report (Submitted March 10, 2017)


(note: work in progress; numbering may be different in draft document)

Report Preparation Evidence (Appendix A)

Web & Document Links

RP.1       SCC Accreditation webpage
RP.2       Executive Council Meeting Minutes of 2015-16
RP.3       Executive Council Meeting Minutes of 2016-17
RP.4       Executive Council Meeting Minutes March 7, 2016
RP.5       Executive Council Meeting Minutes May 2, 2016
RP.6       Executive Council Meeting Minutes September 19, 2016
RP.7       Executive Council Meeting Minutes October 3, 2016
RP.8       LRCCD Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes (DRAFT) February 8, 2017

College Recommendation #1 Evidence (Appendix B)

Web & Document Links

CR1.1      Los Rios College Federation of Teachers website
CR1.2      2016-17 Faculty Handbook
CR1.3      Start of Semester – Preparing to Teach webpage
CR1.4      Faculty How-to webpage
CR1.5      Department Chairs Council Meeting Minutes 2014-15 webpage
CR1.6      Department Chairs Council Meeting Minutes November 5, 2015
CR1.7      2014-17 LRCFT Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 8


CR1.Attachment 1 Excerpt from 2016-17 Faculty Handbook, pages 42-43
CR1.Attachment 2 Syllabus/Student Information Sheet Checklist
CR1.Attachment 3 Letter to Faculty regarding SLOs on Syllabi
CR1.Attachment 4 Examples of Spring 2016 Divisional Processes regarding SLOs on Syllabi

College Recommendation #2 Evidence (Appendix C)

Web & Document Links

CR2.1      SCC Online Tutoring webpage
CR2.2      Online Tutoring Writing Center webpage
CR2.3      Online Tutoring Learning Skills and Tutoring Center webpage
CR2.4      Online Tutoring SCC Davis Center webpage
CR2.5      Distance Education Subcommittee Meeting Minutes webpage
CR2.6      Distance Education Subcommittee Meeting Minutes November 19, 2015
CR2.7      Distance Education Subcommittee Meeting Minutes September 19, 2016
CR2.8      Distance Education Subcommittee Meeting Minutes October 3, 2016
CR2.9      Online/Distance Education Services for Online Students webpage
CR2.10    2016 SCC Distance Education Strategic Plan
CR2.11    2016-17 Tutoring Program Plan


CR2.Attachment 1 Online Tutoring Webpage Screenshots
CR2.Attachment 2 Online Tutoring Workgroup Report, Spring 2016
CR2.Attachment 3 List of Online Classes with Embedded Tutoring Widget Installed Fall 2016
CR2.Attachment 4 Writing Center Online Tutoring Survey – Recent Results
CR2.Attachment 5 Questions on the Fall 2016 Survey of Tutoring

District Recommendation #1 Evidence (Appendix D)

Web & Document Links

DR1.1      2016 Los Rios Community College District (LRCCD) Strategic Plan
DR1.2      SCC Strategic Master Plan
DR1.3      SCC IT Resource Plan
DR1.4      SCC IT Program Plan
DR1.5      District Office (DO) IT Program Review
DR1.6      District Office (DO) IT Unit Plan
DR1.7      CampusWorks’ Second Opinion Technology Assessment Report
DR1.8      LRCCD Board of Trustees website
DR1.9      LRCCD Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes May 11, 2016
DR1.10    District Technology Plan Steering Committee Membership
DR1.11    District Technology Plan Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
DR1.12    ACCJC Accreditation Standard III.C
DR1.13    SCC Educational & Information Technology Committee webpage
DR1.14    2017 Los Rios Community College District (LRCCD) Technology Plan
DR1.15    LRCCD District Office Organization Chart
DR1.16    LRCCD Education Technology Minutes webpage
DR1.17    SCC Distance Education (DE) Program Plan
DR1.18    SCC Distance Education (DE) Strategic Plan

District Recommendation #2 Evidence (Appendix E)

Web & Document Links

DR2.1      LRCCD Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes April 13, 2016
DR2.2      Chancellor’s Cabinet Meeting Minutes January 25, 2016
DR2.3      LRCCD Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes December 15, 2010


DR2.Attachment 1 Board Policy 9123 Selection and Recruitment: College President
DR2.Attachment 2 Administrative Regulation 9123 Selection and Recruitment: College President
DR2.Attachment 3 Board Policy 9124 Initial Selection: College President
DR2.Attachment 4 Administrative Regulation 9124 Initial Selection: College President
DR2.Attachment 5 Board Policy 9142 Performance Evaluation Chancellor/Presidents, Section 2.0

District Recommendation #3 Evidence (Appendix F)

Web & Document Links

DR3.1      LRCCD Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes April 13, 2016


DR3.Attachment 1 Board Policy 2411: Student Rights and Responsibilities
DR3.Attachment 2 Board Policy 4111: Administrative: Chancellor Authority