College Status Report on SLO Implementation (Oct. 2012)

SCC Reports to ACCJC

Colleges are asked to use this report form in completing their College Status Report on Student Learning Outcomes Implementation.  Colleges should submit a brief narrative analysis and quantitative and qualitative evidence demonstrating status of Student Learning Outcome (SLO) implementation.  The report is divided into sections representing the bulleted characteristics of the Proficiency implementation level on the Rubric for Evaluating Institutional Effectiveness, Part III (Rubric). Colleges are asked to interpret their implementation level through the lens of the Accreditation Standards cited for each characteristic.  The final report section before the evidence list requests a brief narrative self-assessment of overall status in relationship to the proficiency level, indicating what plans are in place to mitigate any noted deficiencies or areas for improvement.

Status Report on SLO Implementation (Oct. 2012)