College-Set Standards

College-Set Baseline Standards (ACCJC)

These standards are baseline expectations for the college; we aspire to higher values.  If we fall below these standards we will work to find out why and how to improve.

  • Overall course success:  63%
  • Fall to Fall Persistence at SCC:  37%
  • Transfer to UC/CSU:  700
  • Degrees awarded annually:  1,000
  • Certificates awarded annually:  350
  • CTE Perkins employment rates:  60-75%
  • CTE Licensure Exam pass rates:  80-85%
  • Degrees/Certificates Awarded (by Department)

College Stretch Goals (ACCJC)

These stretch goals are aspirational for the college. The Academic Senate approved the stretch goals on Nov. 28, 2017. However, the goals are currently a draft, awaiting the approval of the Board of Trustees.

  • Overall course success:  70%
  • Fall to Fall Persistence at SCC:  48%
  • Transfer to UC/CSU:  1095
  • Degrees awarded annually:  1,880
  • Certificates awarded annually:  637
  • CTE Perkins employment rates:  65-80%
  • CTE Licensure Exam pass rates:  85-90%

Institutional Effectiveness Goals (CCCCO)

Each college is required to adopt the framework of indicators approved by the Board of Governors (BOG) and colleges/districts adopt goals for four indicators:

  • Annual Successful Course Completion (CCCCO Datamart):
    One-year Goal = 67.6%; Six-year Goal = 70%
  • Completion Rate – Unprepared for College (CCCCO Datamart):
    One-year Goal = 43.7%; Six-year Goal: 54.3%
  • Accreditation Status:  Fully Accredited – No Action (FA-N)
    **Next visit:  2021
  • LRCCD Ending Fund Balance:  One-year Goal = 14.1%; Six-year Goal = 12.75%
  • LRCCD Audit Findings – Audit Opinion Financial Statement:  No findings
  • LRCCD Audit Findings – State Compliance: No findings
  • LRCCD Audit Findings – Federal Award/Compliance: No findings

SCC developed these goals using Participatory Decision Making processes beginning with the College Strategic Planning Committee (CSPC) and including all college constituencies.  In the future, colleges will be required to adopt goals for additional indicators.