Staff Equity & Diversity Committee

Standing Committee

Staff Equity & Diversity Committee Charge

Develops, reviews, recommends and implements programs and services designed to enhance diversity and equity in educational, employment, and promotional opportunities for faculty and staff.

Staff Equity & Diversity Committee Alignment with Accreditation Standards


Staff Equity & Diversity Committee Meeting Schedule
1st Friday of each month from 9 to 10 a.m.
Meeting Location: City Cafe #1

(Exceptions: January meeting will not be held.)


Other Committee Items:


2017-18 Staff Equity & Diversity Committee Membership

Committee Chairs:
Manager: Don Palm, Davis Center
Classified: Courtnee Mack, Student Success & Support Program
Faculty: Norman Lorenz, Behavioral & Social Sciences

Administrative Members:
Martin Ramirez, STEM Equity & Success Initiative
Deborah Saks, Business & CIS
Daniel Styer, Mathematics, Statistics and Engineering

Classified Members:
Silvia Aguirre-Barr, Business & CIS
Aurora Dalske, Disabled Student Programs and Services
Irina Marsant, Student Equity and Success
Minh Tran, CalWORKS
Luz Vazquez, Student Success & Support Program

Faculty Members:
Julie Colombo, Language and Literature
David Doran, Science & Allied Health
Mari Carmen Garcia, Humanities & Fine Arts
Angie Lambert, Mathematics, Statistics and Engineering
Brian Mom, Business & CIS
Toni Newman, Counseling and Student Success
Michael Severson, Humanities & Fine Arts
Karen Tercho, Learning Resource Center
Meili Xu, Business & CIS
Diana Zaragoza, Behavioral & Social Sciences

Student Members:
Christina Martinez Jimenez