The PRIE Office assists with planning processes, tracks and posts planning documents, and provides training on the use of data for planning.

The PRIE Office supports college-wide planning through facilitating dialogue, and works with the college in the production of unit plans, program plans and program review, and in college strategic planning.

  • College Goals & Planning Timelines

    This section includes the College Goals & Strategies, the current planning timeline, and a link to the SCC Planning Handbook that contains information about the planning processes at SCC.

  • College Council

    The CSPC is the leadership committee responsible for developing the first steps of the planning process each year, including data evaluation, and setting college goals and outcome measures for the next cycle.

  • Family of Plans

    This section includes links to the cross-divisional program plans, the family of plans diagram, the glossary of terms, and the institutional, resource and unit plans.

  • Resource Allocation

    Resource allocation requests are incorporated into the Unit Plan process. To find resource allocation requests for the 2010-11 year and beyond, please go to the SCC Online Unit Planning Portal.

  • SCC Online Unit Planning Portal

    The SCC Online Unit Planning Portal is your starting point for unit planning. The Unit Plan objectives are linked to College Goals that drive daily operations of the college, indicate expected results, and identify types of resources required.

  • SCC Strategic Planning System

    The Sacramento City College Strategic Planning System is designed to provide the framework within which the entire college community can work as a coordinated team.