College Strategic Planning Committee (CSPC)

College Strategic Planning Committee (CSPC) Charge

The College Strategic Planning Committee (CSPC) is the group responsible for developing the first step of the planning process each year. The CSPC meets several times early in the fall semester each year. The CSPC may choose to meet in the spring semester to prepare for the following fall. The CSPC reviews the data including the district strategic plan, environmental scan, college accomplishments from the last planning cycle, and data on student learning outcomes and institutional effectiveness. The group reviews the mission, vision, and values of the college. This group uses this review as the basis for setting the college goals and outcome measures for the next cycle.

The membership of this group consists of the leader of each of the four constituent groups, the three vice presidents, the dean of Planning, Research, & Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE), the chair of the Department Chairs Council, and appointed representatives as follows: three faculty, four classified staff, and four students. Additional resource people are included as needed.

CSPC Agendas & Minutes