Cross-Divisional Program Plans

Cross-divisional Program Plans are college-wide plans that support the college’s strategic goals.  They are written by areas that focus on one type of activity that crosses college divisions (e.g. tutoring, IT, staff development, etc.). In most cases, they function as program reviews as well as planning documents for the cross-divisional program.

These are 3-year plans with annual resource requests.  They include three sections: (1) Overview & strategic information, (2) Operational review and plan, and (3) Annual resource requests. The full plan is updated every three years; the resource request is updated annually.

We are now in the part of the planning cycle that requires fully updated plans to be written.  Plans that cover the next three years, which are written in Fall 2019, are expected to include updates to all sections of the plan, not just the resource request.

For more information regarding the planning timeline, please see the “Current Planning Timeline” document below.

The Program Plans for 2020-21 planning year are due to the PRIE Office by Nov. 22, 2019.