SCC Online Unit Planning Portal

Unit Planning for the 2020-21 Planning Year.

The SCC Online Unit Planning Portal is your starting point for unit planning. From this page, you can choose to view or work on your department unit plan.

Unit Plans are department-level action plans. The word “unit” means a department or functional area of the college. The Unit Plan objectives are linked to College Goals that drive the daily operations of the college, indicate the expected results, and identify the types of resources required. Unit Plans include resource requests related to the base budgets of the units and other requests that go to the Budget Committee.

If you would like assistance with your Unit Plan, the PRIE Office is happy to assist you. Contact the PRIE Office at extension 2511 or 2512 to schedule a time for Marybeth Buechner to work with you.

Online Unit Planning Portal

Remember that each year we review accomplishments from the last academic year, implement tasks for this year, and plan for next year. For example, in Fall 2019 we report unit accomplishments from 2018-2019 and write plans for 2020-21.

Unit Planning Deadlines

Planning done during academic year 2019-20:

  • Report accomplishments from 2018-19
  • Write Unit Plans for 2020-21

Fall Semester

Departments write Unit Plans for the next academic year, or “planning year.”

Dec 6: Last day for departments to revise Unit Plans.

Dec 16: Last day for division Deans to enter division Priorities for Unit Plans.