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Unit Planning for Current Planning Year, 2018-19

The SCC Online Unit Planning Portal is your starting point for unit planning. From this page, you can choose to view or work on your department unit plan.

Unit Plans are department-level action plans. The word “unit” means a department or functional area of the college. The Unit Plan objectives are linked to College Goals that drive the daily operations of the college, indicate the expected results, and identify the types of resources required.

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Planning Year 2018-19

Work Completed during the 2017-18 Academic Year

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Remember that each year we are reviewing how well things worked last year, implementing our tasks for this year, and planning for next year. So in Fall 2017, we use data for work done during the 2017-18 academic year to work on the 2018-19 planning year.

Click the following links for a printable link to the current planning timeline and instructions on how to use the online unit planner. You may also want to click our “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” tab to expand and review that content.

Unit Plan FAQs (click to expand/close)

Does the Online Unit Planning Portal require a user id & password?
If you are accessing the online portal from off-campus, then you will have to enter your SCC user name (W-number) and password in order to login.

How should I word an objective?
Be specific in the wording of your objective; your objective should make it clear what you are planning to do. For example, instead of “Support success for all students”, specify “Support student success by increasing the number of students who have iSEPs.”

How should I word an outcome measure?
Your outcome measure must indicate how you will know that your unit accomplished the objective. For example, “The number of students who have iSEPs will have increased substantially.”

Should the Unit Plan objectives include items that do not have resource requests?
Yes. Include any important tasks that you are planning for the next year, whether or not they are associated with resource requests.

Should the Unit Plan objectives reflect only new efforts?
Unit Plans reflect both new efforts and ongoing work. Be sure to include work that enhances or extends ongoing efforts that are working well. For example, an objective might note that new equipment in some lab classes resulted in substantially increased student success; therefore, you are expanding the use of that equipment to additional classes.

How many objectives should a Unit Plan include?
Fewer are usually better, but this will vary depending on department. In general, if you have more than 5-10 objectives, ask yourself if you really want to tackle so many. Remember, there are practical limits on what can get done in one year. Also remember that those objectives with resource requests have limits on funding during any one year.

Should I combine multiple items into one objective?
Objectives usually reflect a single item or action. In Unit Plan objectives which have fiscal requests, however, multiple items or actions may be combined under one objective if the individual items or actions cannot be feasibly implemented separately.

What if my objective will take more than one year?
You can indicate the start and end years for all objectives. In your description of the outcome measures, indicate the part of the objective you want to get done in the current planning year.

What if my objective has a Facilities or Information Technology (IT) resource request?
If your Unit Plan objective has a Facilities or IT resource request, you should contact Facilities or IT and ask 1) whether the objective is feasible; 2) whether the objective is already covered in the planned work of Facilities or IT; and 3) whether this objective should be included in your Unit Plan. Do not wait to ask questions of Facilities or IT; make the request in OCTOBER.

What if my objective aligns with something in a Program Plan?
If your Unit Plan objective aligns with a Program Plan, you should contact Facilities or IT and ask 1) whether the objective is feasible; 2) whether the objective is already covered in the planned work of Facilities or IT; and 3) whether this objective should be included in your Unit Plan. It is generally a good idea to include items in the Unit Plan even if they are being funded by a Program Plan; however, do not ask for funding from two sources. Indicate in the objective description that “this objective will be funded by the ______ Program Plan.” Do not wait to ask questions of Facilities or IT. Make the request in OCTOBER.

What if my objective will take place in a year, but has long-term resource commitments?
Be sure to mention long-term commitments. Make clear the long-term commitment when you meet with Facilities or IT. The long-term commitment must be part of the presentation provided to the Budget Committee. If a resource request results in ongoing, intermittent costs, the department/division may work with the Vice President of Administration on the financial request. For example, a software update required every 3 years.

What if the deadline to edit the Unit Plan is approaching, but I don’t know the costs yet?
Include your best estimate. Do not leave those sections blank. You can provide the Budget Committee with a cost update at a later date.

Is the last day to edit Unit Plan objectives deadline a firm deadline?
YES. You will not be able to enter or edit unit objectives after the deadline.

Who enters the priorities?
The Unit Chair enters the Department priorities. The Division Dean enters the Division priorities.  The College Executive Team enters the College Service Area priorities. Different deadlines exist for each of these priorities; consult the Planning Timeline for deadlines.

What is a Unit Plan Accomplishment Report?
Unit Plan Accomplishment Reports indicate 1) if individual Unit Plan objectives were accomplished, 2) how the objectives were met or why they weren’t accomplished, and 3) whether or not Student Learning Outcome (SLO) data were used in the development or evaluation of individual objectives.


 Unit Planning Deadlines

Planning done during academic year 2017-18 will be for planning year 2018-19.

Our SCC unit planning process takes place on an annual cycle.

Departments write Unit Plans for the next academic year, or “planning year.”

Unit Plans Due: DECEMBER 1 (firm)
(Note: Unit Plans must include department and division priorities and estimates of fiscal costs.)

Departments report on whether they have achieved the objectives for the current academic year.

Unit Plan Accomplishment Reports Due: MAY 15 (firm)


If you would like assistance with your Unit Plan, the PRIE Office is happy to assist you. Contact the PRIE Office (extension 2511 or 2512) to schedule a time for Marybeth Buechner to work with you.