The PRIE Office provides data reporting and research services to the entire college.

The PRIE Office produces reports for external accountability and internal use. Standard reports are available on the research web site. PRIE staff conduct an informal IRB process of proposals related to external research, coordinate processing of college-wide surveys such as CCSSE and SENSE, and assist with developing and analyzing surveys for departments/programs.

  • College Planning Data and Reports

    This section provides various information on SCC students. The source for the data and reports comes from various sources, including the LRCCD Institutional Research Database, surveys, daily registration files, ARCC data, IPEDS data, college assessment data and other sources.

  • Conducting Research at Sacramento City College

    This section provides guidelines for both internal and external research, links to the Research Handbook and PRIE contact information, and forms for research, consent, and data requests.

  • SCC Dashboards

    This section includes links to the SCC Dashboards, including the PRIE, Most Recent Semester, and Tutoring Dashboards, as well as a link to Dashboard Definitions.

  • Program Review & Unit Planning Data

    The PRIE Office provides a standard set of data on the SCC Program Review and Unit Planning Data (Local Intranet Only) website. The database includes six years of data for each instructional division, department, and for the college as a whole.

  • Research Data Request Form

    In order to assist us with the efficient processing of a research request, please complete the Research Data Request Form and submit it. We will notify you of the proposed timeline and scheduled completion of your project.

  • Research Handbook

    The purpose of the Research Handbook is to provide a general understanding of rules and
    guidelines associated with research requests, data usage requirements and best practices, and
    resources where existing data is available or can be found.