College Planning Data and Reports

Below you will find links to various information on our students at SCC.

You will also find a link to Strategic Planning Reports and SCC survey data. The information below will help answer many frequently-asked questions about our students and course offerings.

The source for the data and reports provided below comes from various sources, including the LRCCD Institutional Research Database, surveys, daily registration files, ARCC data, IPEDS data, College assessment data and other sources (Note: the source file is listed at the bottom of each data page). We will publish current data as it becomes available while reporting trend data to provide a longitudinal look at changes in our students and enrollments. The PRIE Office also maintains websites that have data related to Unit Planning-Program Review and Enrollment. These two links are available on campus computers as they are on the local intranet. If you have additional questions, please contact the PRIE Office at 916-558-2511.


Achievement Data
The achievement data contains information on students’ course success rates and their retention at the college from semester to semester. You will also find information on the number of degrees and certificates awarded to our students along with the demographic characteristics of our graduates.

Characteristics Data
The characteristics data shows who our students are and what they like to study, including first-time in college and graduates.

Demographic Data
The demographic data shows trend data regarding where our students live, their income level, and their educational goals. You will also find information about their academic load, what their primary language is and much more.

Enrollment Data
The enrollment data shows enrollment trends by annual attendance, end-of-semester headcount and weekend and evening enrollments. You will also find enrollment trends on our outreach centers, as well as summer enrollments and much more.

SCC Fact Book Archives
The Sacramento City College (SCC) Fact Book was created by the Planning, Research & Institutional Effectiveness office in fiscal year 2000-01 as a web-based resource for current and trend data on SCC student characteristics, outcomes, and course offerings. In 2006 the PRIE office created the College Planning Data website that contains the same data on our students as well as additional data.

Student Success Metrics
Vision for Success: To provide a holistic approach to the California community colleges’ work on student success, the Chancellor’s Office worked with a broadly representative group of practitioners to develop Student Success Metrics. Organized around common goals such as adult education/ESL, short-term career education, and degree/transfer, the metrics capture progression along students’ educational journey from recruitment to completion, transfer, and the workforce. Student Success Metrics pinpoint critical milestones and accomplishments that align with the Vision for Success and the Student Centered Funding Formula, and integrate metrics associated with various initiatives and funding streams.

Transfer Data
SCC students transfer to four-year colleges and universities throughout California and the rest of the United States. Until recently transfer statistics were available from California Postsecondary Education Commission (CPEC). That source of information is currently not available in an updated form. Additional information may be added to this page as it becomes available.

NOTE:  As part of improving access to data for the college, a comprehensive compilation of data is now available in the Institutional Effectiveness Reports.  Please see those reports for information previously contained in the Fact Book.


Assessment & Prerequisite Validation Reports
This page contains links to assessment and prerequisite validation studies conducted by the Sacramento City College PRIE Office.

Note: Only studies conducted after 2008 are posted here, and some studies may have been conducted by discipline faculty rather than PRIE.

Institutional Effectiveness Reports
The Institutional Effectiveness (IE) Reports provide a summary of data in areas related to strategic planning for the College. At the broadest level, the IE Reports provide an overview of the effectiveness of student learning and institutional processes across the entire College.

SCC Research Reports
This section contains links to two different types of reports. Some of these reports are in-depth research analyses and studies conducted by the Sacramento City College PRIE Office since 2008-09. The other reports are short documents focused on one or a few topics about the College or its governing policies.

SCC Reports to ACCJC
This page contains information about the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) including eligibility, standards and reports.

SCC Survey Reports
The resources provided on this page include results from surveys of both SCC students and staff.

SCC Reports to the LRCCD Chancellor
This page contains achievement reports (mid-term and end-of-year) and annual goal reports that the College provides to the LRCCD Chancellor.