Program Review & Unit Planning Data

Program Review & Unit Planning Data Website

The PRIE Office provides a standard set of data on the SCC Program Review and Unit Planning Data (Local Intranet Only) website.

The database includes 6 years’ worth of data for each instructional division, department, and for the college as a whole. It includes:

*Total enrollment in the division/department’s courses.
*Enrollment broken out by student demographic group (age, gender, ethnicity, SSSP)
*Overall course success and course retention
*Course success by student demographic group
*WSCH, faculty FTE, and productivity
*Number of degrees and certificates awarded (see baseline standards information below).
*Number of students declaring majors in the department
*The educational goals of students majoring in the area


College Standard (Baseline Expectation)

Sacramento City College has set baseline expectations for the number of degrees and certificates awarded by each instructional program. These baseline standards were determined using the lowest number of degrees and certificates awarded by each instructional program in a 5-year period (2008-2012). Set in consultation with the College Council (formerly College Strategic Planning Committee) and the Academic Senate, these are baseline expectations for the college, as we aspire to higher values.

Each department should compare its recent data on degree and certificates awarded to the baseline standard.  If the number falls below the baseline standards, the department should have discussions about why that occurred and what, if anything, could be done to increase the number of awards.

The following Excel spreadsheet is tabbed by academic division:
Baseline Expectations for Number of Degrees & Certificates Awarded (MSExcel)

Note: Information on other baseline standards and aspirational goals related to college programs can be found on the Institutional Effectiveness webpages.