PTA Selection Process

All students who meet the program eligibility requirements are placed in the eligible applicant pool.


  • The program accepts 30 students each year.
  • Returning applicants with an alternate candidate number from the previous application year will be selected in order of their candidate number, up to a maximum of 30.
  • If there are more eligible returning and first-time applicants than spaces available, any applicants not selected will be given an alternate candidate  number.
    • Returning applicants will be assigned a new alternate candidate number, based upon the selection of each year’s class, moving forward on the ‘waiting list.’
    • Eligible first-time applicants will be randomly selected and assigned an alternate candidate number. These candidates will be placed on an alternate list behind any returning candidates in the order they were selected.
  • Once each year’s PTA class has been selected,
    • Applicants maintain their place on the waiting list based upon their alternate candidate number, provided they submit an application each year between March 15th and April 15th to show continued interest in the program.
    • Transcripts do not need to be re-submitted with subsequent applications, unless additional coursework has been completed.


An applicant with an alternate candidate number of #20 would be assured of a place in the program the following year, provided the applicant resubmits an application. An applicant with an alternate candidate number of #40 would be assured of a place in the program within two years, as 30 students are accepted per class. However, due to applicant attrition, it is possible that this applicant might be accepted into the program the following year.


Students will be notified by email that their application has been received and is being processed. Students will be notified of their enrollment status by email by May 15. Phone verification cannot be provided. Students who are selected for admission for enrollment will receive an application packet by standard mail and will be asked to accept or decline enrollment in the program by June 15. Eligible students who are not selected are considered alternates. If spaces become available before classes begins alternates will continue to be selected and notified by standard mail, based on the number received in the computerized random selection process. Alternate candidates should notify the PTA Program Coordinator if their contact information changes in order to ensure that they can be contacted readily if a space in the program becomes available. It is essential that email contact information is accurate.

Those students who are alternates and are not selected must re-apply the following year if they wish to be considered again for enrollment. A new Application for Enrollment form must be completed.  Transcripts do not need to be resubmitted for returning applicants. All interested students should contact the program coordinator or attend an information meeting each semester for updates on the program and/or application process.

For Fall 2019, the program had 188 total applicants for 30 available spaces.