Cost of the Program

Courses fees are $46 per unit.

In addition to standard student expenses, the PTA Program expenses include approximately:

  • $644 for prerequisite courses
  • $1518 (approx.) for general education courses (up to 33 units)
  • $1679 for PTA program fees
  • $1400 for books, printing, and supplies
  • $250 for the physical examination and immunizations
  • $120 for drug screen and background check
  • $100 for CPR and First Aid Training
  • $30 for malpractice insurance
  • $50 for uniforms
  • $1060 (approx) for license application and examination costs (upon graduation)

Students must plan for travel costs to and from the clinical facilities, many of which are outside the Sacramento area. Some students may need to arrange for housing during the full-time clinical affiliations.

Many students qualify for a California College Promise Grant (formerly Board of Governors or BOG Fee Waiver).

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