Sequence of Courses

Sequence for completion of Physical Therapist Assistant program coursework.

Required Prerequisite Course

(Students take these courses prior to enrolling in the program.)

  • PTA 100, Introduction to Physical Therapist Assistant (offered online in Fall, Spring and Summer)
  • BIO 430 & 431, Anatomy & Physiology, or equivalent courses, within 10 years
  • English 300 or ESL 340, College Composition
  • Eligibility for ENGRD 310, Prose Analysis and Interpretation, as determined by the reading assessment process OR completion of ENGRD 110 Composition Strategies and Vocabulary Development for College for all students who do not have an associate’s degree or higher.

General Education Courses Required for PTA Program, and Graduation Requirements

(Students take these courses prior to, or during, their enrollment in the program.)

Students should consult with their counselor to plan a schedule for completing the general education courses required for the program (PSYC 370 or FCS 324; SOC 300 or ANTH 310; and FCS 340 or NUTRI 300 or HEED 300), as well as the College Graduation Requirements. It is advisable to take these courses prior to the program, or during the first year. Clinical affiliations during the second year of the program preclude daytime coursework, so students must plan accordingly.

Sequence of Courses Following Enrollment in the Program

Fall of first year  
PTA 110Kinesiology for PTA StudentsTue eve. (16 wks) 3
PTA 111Kinesiology Lab for PTA StudentsWed and Thurs eve. (16 wks)2
AH 100Professional Ethics for Health Team Members (May be taken prior to enrollment)On-line course1
Spring of first year
PTA 120Beginning ProceduresWed and Thurs eve. (16 wks)3.5
PTA 121Disorders ITues eve. (16 wks)3
PTA 122Introduction to Clinical Practice8 hrs one day per week (16 wks)3
PTA 130Intermediate ProceduresTues and Thurs eve (6 wks)1
AH 106Communication for Allied Health Careers (May be taken prior to enrollment)Variable scheduling (6 wks)2
Fall of 2nd year
PTA 140Therapeutic ExerciseMon and Wed eve (10 wks)3
PTA 141Disorders IITues eve (10 wks)2
PTA 142Clinical Practicum I40 hrs a week for last 6 wks4
Spring of 2nd year
PT A 150Functional Activities & GaitMon and Thurs eve (10 wks) 3
PTA 151Advanced ProceduresTues eve (10 wks)1
PTA 152Clinical Practicum II40 hrs a week for last 6 wks4
PTA 153Professional Issues in Physical TherapyOn-line course1