Re-Emerging Scholars

The Re-Emerging Scholars Program provides support, programming, and classes for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated students as they transition into college.

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What We Do

The Re-Emerging Scholars Program provides meaningful intervention in the lives of the formerly incarcerated through educational attainment, pro-social peer networking, direct services, mentoring, as well as personal, professional, and emotional development.

Our program supports new students looking to take steps toward a new path.  Once enrolled in the college, students will receive a needs assessment and be admitted into a one year cohort program.  These students will take a variety of classes including: Personal Finance, Nutrition, English Writing, Community Internship, and sociology courses that are tailored to the unique challenges and experiences of the re-entry experience.

In our two-semester program, students will receive check ins from faculty, staff, and peer mentors for early intervention and connection to services as needed.  At the conclusion of the two semester program, students will have the first year of general education units, a pathway into an academic and/or career goal, connections to employers and community internships, as well as the personal and professional skills needed to be successful in their future endeavors.

Our two-semester program starts every semester and includes:

Semester One:

  • SOC300 Introduction to Sociology (through a re-entry lens)
  • HCD310 College Success
  • ENGWR108/300 Accelerated College Writing
  • BUS320 Personal Finance

Semester Two:

  • SOC310 Marriage and Family
  • SOC385 Internship in Community Studies
  • NUTRI300 Introduction to Nutrition
  • COMM300 Oral Communication

Additionally, we will be offering four-week hybrid SOC300 and SOC301 courses throughout the 18-19 academic year in the Sacramento County Youth Detention Facility to help local youth start their transition into higher education!

If you’d like to enroll and/or learn more, please provide us with your information below.

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