BIOL 290

The BIOL 290 Science Skills and Applications course is a 0.5 unit course that offers individualized instructional modules designed to provide or improve skills in science courses.

These skills include textbook comprehension, principles of learning and retention, note taking, annotating, discipline-based vocabulary, paraphrasing, reading graphics, test taking, spatial ability, proportionality and problem solving.

Registration is open through the ninth week of the semester.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of BIOL 290, the student will be able to:

  1. apply the text chapter outlining strategy to his/her own science text.
  2. construct paraphrases for concepts presented in science textbooks or in his/her class notes.
  3. prepare notes for his/her science class via the Reading Across the Disciplines (RAD) note-taking method.
  4. interpret various types of graphs and diagrams from his/her science textbook.
  5. create concept maps in order to see relationships between ideas presented in his/her science textbook.
  6. assess various test taking strategies appropriate for his/her science class.
  7. demonstrate ability to read “actively” in his/her science textbook.
  8. apply proportional reasoning and spatial awareness techniques to improve content comprehension.
  9. develop a calendar that indicates study time, and modifying it throughout the semester as needed.