Schedule Your Courses

Start with the Course Scheduling Assistant to help you decide how to schedule your courses and complete the program efficiently. This will save you time and inconvenience.

General Course Information

  • There is a specific order in which you should take the courses. If you don’t take the courses in the correct order, it may take you more time to complete this program. Start with the Course Scheduling Assistant when you’re planning how you want to take the LIBT coursework.
  • Certain courses are only offered in the fall or spring.
Semester Breakdown
100, 300, 325, 330, 343, CISA 310100, 110, 300, 325, 331, 333, 345, 498
CISA 310
  • You must start with 100 + 300
  • You can complete the program in 1 year if you start in the fall and willing to take a HEAVY workload.
  • If you start in the spring it will take you a minimum of 1.5 years to finish.

Please contact Pamela Posz at if you have any questions or need assistance in deciding how to schedule your classes.