The Work Experience Course – LIBT 498

LIBT 498, the Work Experience course, is only taught during the spring semester.  It is designed to be taken after students have already completed most of the work for the degree.  Students should plan on taking 498 during their final spring semester of LIBT coursework.

Students will need to complete 3 units total of 498.

Students should try to set up their internships before the spring semester begins. For internship placement assistance, please contact Pamela Posz, the Coordinator of the Library and Information Technology Program at or 916-558-2186. November is an optimal time to start arranging internships for the spring semester. Students aren’t required to notify Pamela Posz of internship placement until 498 officially starts in January.

Students may substitute 1 unit in WEXP 498 (the general work experience course for the entire campus) for 1 unit of LIBT 498. WEXP 498 is usually offered in fall, spring and summer.  If students decide to complete 1 unit in the general work experience class, they should inform the instructor that they are LIBT students.

LIBT students will need to complete internships in 2 different locations or 2 different types of positions (e.g. cataloging and reference). Students must complete all of your hours during the time period that the class is taught and they may not take an incomplete in the class to complete the internship hours.

For each unit of coursework students should plan on working 60 hours as a volunteer or 75 hours in their current library positions.