Service-Learning News

Service-Learning is one of the fastest growing teaching trends in the nation. The reason for this is that Service-Learning offers benefits for students, instructors, the college and the community.

Service-Learning: Contacts

The Service-Learning Program at Sacramento City College includes an element in which students are paired with and offer their services to a community based group as part of their course responsibilities.

Through the learning process of structured reflection students will gain a deeper understanding of course concepts, engage in meaningful service benefiting the community and have a chance to apply classroom learning to real-world experiences.

Students are expected to perform a total of 15 – 20 hours of work (by the end of the semester), off-campus at the direction of the community group.

Who Benefits from Service-Learning?

1. Students

Students report that Service-Learning helps them understand course material much better than courses without this option. Service-Learning allows students to apply the skills or concepts from a course into practice.

2. Faculty

Faculty report that students who commit to, and fulfill their service responsibilities, learn more and retain it longer than do students who are taught solely by traditional methods. Students often realize that they are in control of, and responsible for, their own learning. For many instructors this is the ultimate reward.

3. College

As part of our mission, Sacramento City College strives to contribute to the intellectual, cultural and economic vitality of the community. Service-Learning is a venue for Sacramento City College to serve the community directly while simultaneously performing our central mission of educating students.

4. Community

Besides the free labor that our Service-Learners provide to community agencies, there are long-term benefits that service organizations receive from Sacramento City College students. Service-Learning is one way in which service organizations can educate people about their missions and recruit their support.

Service-Learning is a classic win-win situation. While providing clear benefits for all those involved: students, faculty, the college and our community – we should make it clear in the beginning – Service-Learning does not require less work than other ways of learning. It is our opinion, that the benefits of Service-Learning far outweigh the effort required.