Faculty Benefits

Faculty have discovered Service-Learning has the possibility of transforming student attitudes towards learning.

Service-Learning Contact

Through Service-Learning assignments students often realize that they are in control of, and responsible for, their own learning. For many instructors this is the ultimate reward.

To Offer A Service-Learning Option Follow These Easy Steps:

If you are considering a Service-Learning option in your course(s), contact Nicholas Miller and arrange a meeting to:

  • consult about placement for your students.
  • integrate cohesive Service-Learning assignments and curriculum in your course.

Please allow adequate time to:

      • establish placement.
      • add information about Service-Learning to your syllabus.
      • add the Service-Learning verbiage in the Class Schedule for your course listing(s).

Service-Learning Objectives for Faculty

Participating in Service-Learning gives Faculty the opportunity to:

  • incorporate innovative and creative teaching methods.
  • inspire individual faculty interests and enthusiasm.
  • provide proven student retention in course(s).
  • engage and motivates students.
  • establish connections between theory and application.
  • build community and college relationships.
  • contribute to the community.
  • boost interdisciplinary and collaborative partnerships.
  • foster a culture of student participation and leadership on campus.
  • promote an environment that encourages personal and civic responsibility.