Sheley Little (M. Little)

Computer Information Science Department

B233 – Business Building

Fall 2017 Schedule

Web Classes

CISW 320 – Introduction to Website Development
CISW 304 – Cascading Style Sheets
CISW 470 – Web Projects

Core Classes

CISC306 – Web Page Creation
CISC310 – Introduction to Computer Information Science

How I feel about Education

I think if you want to get anywhere in life, it has to start with hard work and education. It is never too late to learn anything, and it is never too late to start school. If I can help you with your education, I want to!! Please come see me during an office hour, send me an e-mail to schedule an appointment, or take one of my classes!!

If you want to change your life, go to college!

Web Developer Certificate or A.S. Degree – Sac City College

The Web Developer program at Sacramento City College offers a broad scope of foundation skills needed in Web Development. The Web will always be moving in technology, so you will (and must) always be learning and learn to be adaptable. I encourage students to explore this program if you are not sure about Computer Science yet.

For anyone who has never programmed or coded, this certificate/degree is a great goal! Courses set the foundations for understanding how Web technologies work, and the program does not require heavy math or logic right away, unlike the demands of programming languages.

All of your skill-sets gained in computer information science, will drive and support your career. If you are motivated and love learning, you can lead yourself toward knowledge and possibilities you never thought of.

Change your life, go to college!

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