Student Elections For ’17-18 Year

to the
Newly Elected
Student Leaders

President – Miguel Guerrero
Vice President – Keanna LaForga
Treasurer – Lucy Gee
Public Relations – Tanish Jindal
Senator Alan Hernandez
Senator Tristan Rogers
Senator Yvonne Sandoval

Club & Events Board
President – Moises Ramirez
Vice President – Leo Melton
Equity & Diversity – Christina Martinez Jimenez
Public Relations – Humberto Rodriguez Jimenez

Leadership Positions OPEN for Appointment

See below to learn how to be appointed!

Open positions include:

In the Senate –

  • Secretary
  • President Pro Tem
  • Secretary of Legislative Affairs
  • Secretary of Sustainability
  • Secretary of Technology
  • Up to 17 Senators

On the Club & Events Board (CAEB) – 

  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Secretary of Technology
  • 10 Project Coordinators
2017-2018 Presidential Candidates Miguel Guerrero and Julianne Maninang

2017-2018 Student Senate Presidential Candidates Miguel Guerrero and Julianne Maninang

2017-2018 Trustee Candidates Evan Nguyen, Tucker Zurawski, and Danny Thirakul

2017-2018 Los Rios Student Trustee Candidates Danny Thirakul, Evan Nguyen, and Tucker Zurawski

Mid Year Appointments



  • Changes due to inclement weather will be posted here.
  • Accommodations may be requested by contacting Student Leadership and Development or DSP&S at 916-558-2087.