Student Elections 2019

Congratulations to the newly elected candidates for the 2019-2020 academic year!!

New Officers for 2019-20

Clubs and Events Board

President: Neil Sonico

Vice President: Ravshanbek (Ravshan) Saidniyozov

Secretary: Ernestine Roberts

Secretary of Equity and Diversity: Marlena Ainsworth-Brown

Secretary of Public Relations: Zhaoyi Chen

Secretary of Technology: Megan Waishwile

Student Senate

President: Sheku Baryoh

Vice President: Sabrina Edward

Treasurer: Jacqueline Adams

President Pro Tempore: Asusena Ramirez

Secretary: Annie Thurman

Secretary of Legislative Affairs: Terell Easton

Secretary of Public Relations: Joshua Robinson

Secretary of Sustainability: Myles Cobb

Secretary of Technology: Dahlia Morquedo

Senators: Saray Mejia, Logan Legg, Christopher Jones, Leah Drake, Tiara Bremmium, Peshtanah Babak.

Open Positions

All other open positions will be appointed in the fall.

What is the Student Associated Council? (PDF)

Clubs and Events Board available appointed positions

  • Treasurer
  • Projected Coordinators (up to 10 positions total)

Vacant Student Senate positions to be filled through appointment

  • Senators (up to 20 positions total)

2020 Election Materials and Information

To be updated Spring 2020.


  • Election Timeline (PDF)
  • Sac City Voter Guide
  • SCC Student Associated Council Constitution (PDF)
  • Clubs and Events Board Bylaws (PDF)
  • Student Senate Bylaws (PDF)
  • ARC, CRC, FLC, and Student Trustee Election Information


  • Election Timeline (PDF)
  • Candidate Information Sheet (PDF)
  • Required Candidate Forms:
    • Declaration of Candidacy Form (PDF)
    • Petition (PDF) Complete, print and circulate, along with “Petition Signatures” Form, for the required student signatures
    • Petition Signature Sheets (PDF)
    • SAC Candidate Forum Confirmation (PDF)
    • Student Trustee Forum Confirmation (PDF)
    • Campaign Expenditure Form (PDF)
    • Campaign Expenditure – Supplemental Final Form (PDF)
  • Candidate Forum Guide (PDF)
  • Campaign Information (PDF)
  • LRCCD Campaign Regulations (PDF)
  • Election/Campaign Violation Report (PDF)



Page Last Updated: June 6, 2019