Other Services


Student Leadership and Development strives to provide access for all students to activities, events, and other programs and services. Please contact the Student Leadership and Development Office if we can provide an accommodation or assist in creating a more accessible campus environment.

Bulletin Board Posting(s)

Student Leadership and Development will post appropriate school-related materials on designated bulletin boards throughout the campus. All other posted materials are approved through the Facilities Office. Postings will remain on the boards for two weeks or until the event is complete, whichever occurs first. All fliers not stamped by the appropriate department mentioned above will be removed from the boards.

Co-Curricular Support

Student Leadership and Development will work to support co-curricular activities and events. Students and instructors are encouraged to present ideas for consideration. For more information, contact Haley Leper or Kim Beyrer.

Housing Information Board

Housing information is compiled onto a list for distribution in South Gym 226.

Fill out a rental ad form and return it to Student Leadership and Development to have it posted for a period of one month in the rental listing binder. The form is available in South Gym 226 or online:  rental ad form (PDF)

Looking for more resources? Search for free or reduced cost services like medical care, food, job training and more: www.auntbertha.com

Voter Registration

Student Leadership and Development can help you register to vote in local, state and national elections. You need to register to vote if you have moved your residence, changed your name or party affiliation, or are voting for the first time.

Workroom and Supplies

Students and staff can access various supplies in our workroom for use in making banners and other school-related items.

For more information on these or other services, please contact the Student Leadership and Development Office.